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What is this page?

The bible is the most valuable book ever written. As Christians, we believe it is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God. God is its author, and truth without error is its content. It is trustworthy in all it teaches and affirms, and it is our guide for faithfully living out the Christian life.

This page is dedicated to enhancing and encouraging your personal study of the Scriptures. Below you will find two categories of resources. First there is a church resource category. Here you will find Sunday School lesson videos and resources for all age groups as well as other recommended resources that focus on and support the study of the Scriptures for our church. Occasionally, you will find in this section lessons and studies from our Sr. Pastor as well. The second category is for your personal bible study. Here you will find useful tools and resources from other websites, online bibles, commentaries, devotionals, and other study tools to enhance your personal study of the Scriptures.

Also, we would love you hear from you and welcome your questions. You can send your questions or comments to . May God bless you on your journey to grow deeper in His Word and your walk with Him.

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